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Transporting An Injured Dog To The Animal Hospital

by Aurore Fontai

Seeing your dog uncomfortable as the result of an injury is one of the stressful things about being a pet owner. You might already have an animal hospital in mind, but what you might not ever expect is how hard it can be to get a sick animal there when they're in obvious pain. Trip delays can be detrimental to the health of your fuzzy friend; for that reason, you must use the guidance below:

Remain Calm

Due to your own discomfort about the situation, you may have already tensed your body and started barking orders at family members so you can all hurry to the animal hospital. This can cause things to deteriorate, as your dog is watching and listening to everything. When you become upset, your dog is likely to think something is very wrong and they need to also be on high alert. This can make it harder to coax them into the car or sit quietly.

Instead, do your best to remain as still and calm as possible. Communicate in a low, slow manner. 

Avoid Belly Rubs and Petting

To soothe them, you may be trying to stroke your dog's fur or rub their tummy as you might usually do. Beware of this sort of physical contact, as they are not happy and can become very snappy. Your dog could even bite you. Don't take it personally. Understand that they are not well and are concentrated on their discomfort.

If you have some concern that you'll be bitten as you're attempting to put your dog into the back, a muzzle could come in handy. Don't worry if you don't have one, nylon pantyhose or wraparound gauze are safe and can work. Of course, if your dog's injury is a mouth injury or they've been throwing up constantly, ignore the muzzle.

Cage Them for the Ride

Your dog might not enjoy their cage and in fact, may never use it. It's easy to think you just don't need it when taking a trip to the animal hospital. However, the cage keeps them from jostling about or attempting to get into your passenger seat. Not only that but having them in a structure can protect them from other dogs at the hospital. Therefore, have a cage ready to go for this trip.

Your dog can be transported to the hospital more easily if you remember all these suggestions. The animal hospital may give additional directions for you as well. Check out a website like for more information and assistance.