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Bringing Your Overweight Cat to a Boarding Kennel? 3 Tips for a Stress-Free Stay

by Aurore Fontai

Owning a cat that's overweight can come with some challenges since there can be a higher risk for health issues. While you may be working on creating the perfect diet and exercise plan for your cat, you could run into issues when you need to travel away from home. If you intend on bringing your cat to a boarding kennel for the first time, you need to be aware that potential issues can arise due to the weight of your cat.

To ensure that your cat has a comfortable stay, consider the following tips that can help prevent potential issues related to their weight.

Prioritize Scheduled Feedings

The way that your cats will be fed can vary greatly between different kennels, making it so important for you to ask about what to expect during the stay. While free-feeding may be suitable for some cats, this can often be a bad idea when your cat is overweight since they may eat all their food in one sitting and get sick as a result.

Scheduled feedings, such as twice a day in the morning and evening, are a much more suitable option for overweight cats. Making sure that the kennel can accommodate your cat can ensure that feedings will go smoothly.

Ensure Treats Can Be Avoided

While many pet boarding teams might feel tempted to give treats away freely for good behavior, it may not be a good idea if your cat is overweight. Managing the number of calories your cat consumes means skipping extra, unnecessary treats. You can do this by requesting the staff at the boarding kennel follow these instructions so that you can be in control of how much your cat is eating.

Insist on 24/7 Medical Care Access

When your cat is overweight, there is a much higher risk of your cat suffering from a health problem. This could range from diabetes or suddenly becoming out of breath. Regardless of how serious the health issue is, it's important that the boarding kennel has immediate access to veterinary care in case something occurs during the stay.

As you prepare for boarding your overweight cat, you may be worried about what you can do to increase the chance of them having an enjoyable stay. With the above tips, you can reach out to boarding kennels and find a great fit that your cat will be comfortable at. To learn more, reach out to services such as Marquette Animal Hospital.