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A Useful Guide When Choosing An Equine Hospital For Your Horse

by Aurore Fontai

Horses are majestic creatures that you can establish long-term connections with. They do come with a lot of medical needs, however. This means regular trips to an equine hospital, which is designed to care and treat problems with horses. When looking for one of these hospitals, keep this guide in mind. 


You can make sure your horse is in good hands by assessing the experience and education of the veterinarians that the equine hospital employs. Ideally, you want the professional to have received their degree from a reputable university. This shows they have the necessary skills and knowledge to care for your horse.

In terms of experience, it's paramount to work with a veterinarian that has worked with horses for many years. They'll know more about particular horse problems and diseases and can, therefore, come up with more effective treatment plans compared to professionals who don't specialize in any one particular animal.


When your horse visits an equine hospital, their nerves may be at an all-time high. Horses are quite powerful, and when they get spooked, the momentum of their bodies can result in significant injuries. That's why it's so important to assess a particular hospital's horsemanship, the act of working with a horse's natural instincts.

The hospital should have staff that are proficient at handling horses and easing any tension that they may experience. Then, once your horse calms down, they'll be more receptive to taking orders and staying still for the necessary medical assessments.

Type of Practice 

There are predominantly two types of practices you can choose between with equine hospitals. It will either be a solo practice or multi-veterinary practice. If you prefer to see the same professional each time -- as you feel it helps establish trust with your horse, a solo practice is ideal. Each time, you'll see the same veterinarian who knows about your horse's particular set of needs.

When you see a multi-veterinary practice, though, you'll always be able to be seen. Wait times will not be as long, and you'll typically have access to more diagnostic techniques. Also, veterinarians will not have as many clients to deal with, which may lead to better overall care for your horse. 

Equine hospitals are important resources you'll need to utilize if you own a horse or horses. As long as you assess the right factors, the hospital you choose can provide exceptional care to your horse for a long time. Contact a company like Alabama Performance Horse Services for more information and assistance.