Pets Are Important Too

2 Reasons You Should Take Your Cat To See A Vet

by Aurore Fontai

The health of your cat is an important factor in providing good care to your pet so they can be a happy part of your family for many years. Your cat relies on you for all elements of their health, including their oral health, mental health, and weight management, so it is recommended that you care for them with regular trips to a veterinarian. Here are some reasons that you should take your cat to see their veterinarian. 

Annual Check-Up

Prevention is always the best strategy, and it is no different when you are trying to prevent health problems in your cat. When you take your cat to a yearly vet check-up, you can make sure they are screened for illness, disease, and any other problems that may come up during their life. The reason it is so important to have your cat's health screened regularly is that cats do not outwardly show signs of discomfort and ill health, usually until their health has deteriorated too far. So with a regular check-up, your cat's vet can screen them for any problems that you might miss. 

For older cats, a bi-annual visit to their vet is a great option because they are older in health and at risk for more problems. When your cat reaches the age of seven and older, you might talk to your cat's vet about visiting them every six months, just to provide them some extra care and a watch on their health. Your cat's vet will be able to screen their blood for problems that can come with kidney disease or problems with their liver and thyroid. They can also check their teeth and gums for periodontal disease, decay, and inflammation, so they can treat them before these issues lead to other complications.


You likely already know the importance of vaccinating your cat, especially if they are around other cats. However, you should follow up each year with vaccination boosters, even if your cat stays inside and never ventures outside. The first reason for this is because you never know if your cat will sneak past you or accidentally get let outside. It is always good to be ready and prepared by keeping your cat up-to-date on their vaccinations. This prevents disease, illness, fleas, and worms in your cat and keeps them protected and healthy. 

A second reason you want to keep your cat vaccinated, even if they are an indoor kitty, is that you may have other pets in your home or will later bring other pets into your home. When you introduce a new pet in your home, you run the risk of that pet bringing illness and disease and spreading it to your indoor cat. There are some diseases that are fatal and untreatable to your cat, such as rabies and distemper, so it is never worth risking.