Pets Are Important Too

  • A Useful Guide When Choosing An Equine Hospital For Your Horse

    13 April 2018

    Horses are majestic creatures that you can establish long-term connections with. They do come with a lot of medical needs, however. This means regular trips to an equine hospital, which is designed to care and treat problems with horses. When looking for one of these hospitals, keep this guide in mind.  Experience/Education  You can make sure your horse is in good hands by assessing the experience and education of the veterinarians that the equine hospital employs.

  • Bringing Your Overweight Cat to a Boarding Kennel? 3 Tips for a Stress-Free Stay

    5 January 2018

    Owning a cat that's overweight can come with some challenges since there can be a higher risk for health issues. While you may be working on creating the perfect diet and exercise plan for your cat, you could run into issues when you need to travel away from home. If you intend on bringing your cat to a boarding kennel for the first time, you need to be aware that potential issues can arise due to the weight of your cat.